Amazon reaches 100 million milestone with Alexa

Amazon reaches 100 million milestone with Alexa

Amazon reaches 100 million milestone with Alexa

Of course, Google's "billion Assistant devices" claim only means a device can use the Assistant, and that's very different from a billion active Assistant users.

While not all the devices included in the 100 million figure are made by Amazon, it does emphasise the public's trust in the company's AI voice assistant, Alexa.

So what will Google and Amazon's daisy-chained voice assistant be capable of? This total includes all devices that have Alexa built-in, and Amazon has opted not to reveal individual device sale data.

The Google Assistant launched in 2016 on the Google Pixel phone and since then has spread to a ton of devices. Its daily and monthly active user base has grown four times since this point previous year, according to Google. And we're likely to see a bunch of new Google-enabled products at CES this year. If you are unaware, Echo Auto can be mounted inside any vehicle and is powered by Alexa.

"This is really showing that the Assistant is available across the devices that really matter to you", says Nick Fox, Google's head of product and design for Search and Assistant. All told, more than 100 million Alexa devices have been sold. "I think someday, third-party Alexa-enabled endpoints may be vastly larger than what we produce ourselves", he says.

It is still unsure if Samsung will be bringing Alexa or Google Assistant to support its older TVs but the company has a history of updating older models a few months after its latest sets hit the market, so it could be a possibility.

But even with that advantage, Google is still clearly on a mission to win hearts and minds at CES and beyond.

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