An egg dethrones Kylie Jenner's most-liked Instagram post

Egg Gang  Instagram

Egg Gang Instagram

Last week, a page was set up under the name "World_Record_Egg", and their goal was quite simple - to have the most liked Instagram post of all time.

The photo has received over 22 million likes, beating previous No. 1 - United States celebrity Kylie Jenner's post of her new-born daughter Stormi.

While the reality TV star and Instagram royalty seemed unbothered about being upstaged, she clapped back on Monday (Jan 14), with a reposted Snapchat video of herself cracking an egg on a hot sidewalk.

Just in case social media hasn't completely given you your fill for the weekend, this should just about do it.

And the humble, spotted-brown egg did just that.

A photo of an egg - literally just an egg with a white background - received over 23 million likes on Sunday, beating the first glimpse of Stormi which now has just over 18 million likes. The photo is, obviously, a stock photo of an egg, and nothing else. "Thank you so much for all of your support and messages".

So far, her response has garnered 9 million views in three hours, but it's impossible to tell if the post will even come close to the egg photo. But for now I need to sleep. Only time will tell!

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