Animals and Plants are Now Living on the Moon - Thanks to China

Animals and Plants are Now Living on the Moon - Thanks to China

Animals and Plants are Now Living on the Moon - Thanks to China

Landing away from the equator is much more hard as is landing away from the gaze of the Earth on the far side of the Moon - congratulations China.

"Since the far side of the Moon is shielded from electromagnetic interference from the Earth, it's an ideal place to research the space environment and solar bursts, and the probe can "listen" to the deeper reaches of the cosmos", Tongjie Liu, deputy director of the Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center at China's National Space Administration. But exactly how it influences this interaction is something Swedish scientists want to know - and for that reason, they want Yutu-2 to last as long as it can.

In May, China launched Queqiao, a satellite that will help relay the rover's communication. The rover then began conducting scientific operations at this location, which is the first point in its planned exploration path.

Having barely landed on the lunar surface, Chang'e-4 transmitted its first images.

Over the course of the next three months, the mission will study the ancient impact basin to learn more about the early Solar System and the origins of the Moon. In recent years, China has indicated that it may be working with the European Space Agency to create this outpost, which the ESA has described as an "international Moon village" that will be the spiritual successor to the ISS.

The South Pole of the Moon is the area where all the future commercial and science sites are likely to be.

One of the major technological hurdles is in targeting the side of the moon which constantly faces away from the Earth is that direct communication with the spacecraft isn't possible. Liu also serves as the experiment's chief director.

China's space agency has posted a photo of a lunar rover making tracks on the surface shortly after leaving a spacecraft that had made the first-ever landing on the moon's far side.

Even if the experiments with the satellite prove that we can not feasibly conduct radio astronomy on the far side of the Moon, the mission is certain to yield valuable scientific information.

China is a relative newcomer to space travel compared to the USA and Russian Federation, but has been making up for lost time at a rapid rate.

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