Apple CEO Tim Cook earned nearly US$16 million in 2018

Apple company logos are reflected on the glass window outside an Apple store in Shanghai China

Apple company logos are reflected on the glass window outside an Apple store in Shanghai China

Earlier this week, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Apple's software was a key component of product announcements made by other manufacturers, illustrating the company's willingness to open its garden walls to make its services more widely available.

Cook also addressed criticisms that the iPhone XR was a flop, calling it "baloney". "Because our business has always been about enriching people's lives", Cook said. There will more things coming.

Obviously, health is not the only new product being developed in Apple's labs.

On services, you will see us announce new services this year.

But it's clear that health, and its challenges therein, get Cook excited. A few months ago, the group had cracked the first private company in history, the One trillion mark in the stock market and seemed to be unchallenged on the throne to sit. If Apple secured even a small fraction of that spending, that could still be a potentially huge new revenue stream for the company. Other launches will be focus on a combination of hardware and software related to health care.

Cook goes on to explain that the Apple ecosystem is "probably underappreciated" and adds there's no reason to be concerned because in the long term not much is going to change for the company. First, he may be referring to Apple's new video streaming service, reported on last October, which Apple has already sunk $US1 billion into as part of its larger move into producing original content. Apple is already creating or developing at least 17 original, scripted series, ranging from a biographical drama on National Basketball Association all-star Kevin Durant's life growing up, an animated show from the creator of "Bob's Burgers", and an untitled series from M. Night Shyamalan. It can also alert users if it looks like they have an irregular heartbeat.

During his recent CNBC interview, Cook said that there had been no recent settlement talks between Apple and Qualcomm.

In his interview with Cramer, Cook said trade tensions between China and the USA created the sharp downturn, but he said he believes the situation is temporary.

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