Apple developing 3 new iPhones for fall release

Apple plans to launch 3 new iPhones this year despite struggling XR model Report

Apple developing 3 new iPhones for fall release

A new iPhone X is sold at an Apple Store in Beijing, China November 3, 2017.

The price cut ranged from 400 yuan ($59) for most iPhone models to 450 yuan ($66) for the iPhone XR.

The report adds that the cheapest model will stick with an LCD screen, while the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will of course use OLED, just like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The high-end 2019 iPhone will reportedly feature three rear-facing cameras, we're told, while the other phones will have two rear shooters.

Apple is planning to launch three new iPhone models later this year according to sources familiar with the matter as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Suning announced on Friday that it would start selling the 64GB iPhone XR for 5,699 yuan, 800 yuan ($118.46) less than the device's sticker price in China.

iPhone sales haven't been stellar lately, with people replacing their own batteries instead of upgrading and knocking billions off Apple's profit projections in the process.

The current iPhone XS series features two 12MP lenses, with one being a wide-angle lens and the other a telephoto with 2x optical zoom.

Blevins said that talking with Samsung, whose Galaxy and Note devices compete against the iPhone, is "not an ideal environment" for Apple, but that Samsung is now the largest component supplier to Apple.

Chatter earlier today circulated around the camera and display technology that would be used in this year's new iPhones. Both companies struggled in the end-of-year quarter and warned investors of lower-than-expected sales.

The new iPhones will succeed the XR model that has shown sluggish demand with some analysts tipping that this may not be enough up against several new 5G smartphones from their competitors.

And in 2020, the Journal wrote, the company's entire lineup could have organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, displays, which are considered a step up from liquid crystal displays. And with iPhone sales declining, you can be sure there will be a bunch of ridiculous rumours to build up hype for the next iPhones.

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