Apple TV services are coming to Samsung smart TVs

This partnership will allow Samsung TV owners across more than 100 countries to buy and rent video content from iTunes or watch shows and movies already purchased from iTunes. It is a surprising development and it will expand further, says Apple.

It's all the more surprising that Apple has made a decision to do this with Samsung, two companies that many consider to be the most bitter of rivals.

In a surprise announcement, rivals Samsung and Apple chose to team up and bring the iTunes movies and TV Shows app to Samsung's Smart TV range in 100 countries.

Or is it that apple is putting iTunes on Samsung's 2019 televisions?

Samsung and Apple have a weird history. Since Apple is not releasing unit sales numbers anymore, there is not a way to know just how badly the competition is beating Apple. The two vie in the market for handsets and have battled viciously on and off in courts over alleged patent infringements.

In the past, iTunes has only been available on Apple hardware, including the company's streaming box, Apple TV.

AirPlay 2-Enabled TVs: Samsung may have been the first to announce support for AirPlay 2, but Apple's webpage indicates that the feature is coming to 'leading manufacturers, ' so expect more announcements at CES and beyond. Samsung has long struggled to create its own content services, and in recent years chose to instead rely on partnerships with companies like Spotify, Google and now Apple.

The partnership will also bring Apple AirPlay 2 streaming to Samsung smart TVs, allowing you to stream video straight from an Apple device to your TV. There's support for Google Cast, and in the sound bars, voice control with Google Assistant.

It looks like Apple has finally realized that it should embrace other ecosystems to grow its services revenue.

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