Ariana Grande fixes misspelled palm tattoo after online mockery

Ariana Grande Accidentally Tattooed

Ariana Grande fixes misspelled palm tattoo after online mockery

Grande wanted the tattoo to mean "7 Rings", which is the title of her new single. Have you ever experienced a bad tattoo like Ariana Grande?

Grande later tried to correct her tattoo, but wound up complicating things further. It meant to read "7 Rings" in Japanese as a tribute to the singer's latest single, but it actually translated to "shichirin" - a small barbecue grill.

Grande took to Instagram to tell fans she had rectified the now-infamous mistake, writing: "Slightly better".

Earlier this week, it was revealed that while the 25-year-old singer meant to get new ink that was in honor of her brand new single, she actually got a tattoo that said bbq grill in Japanese instead.

Ariana revealed she had been back to her tattoo artist to add more characters to her design after the first gaffe, but social media users pointed out the correction isn't exactly what Ariana had intended.

Soon after Grande shared the originally misspelled tattoo online, she garnered a huge amount of attention and was made fun of in many Internet memes.

[Screenshot via Instagram]"S$3 lightly better", the text of Ariana's Story reads.

As Kotaku reported, because characters are sometimes read top to bottom and right to left, adding the new kanji character beneath the existing "七" would make the tattoo translate into nonsense. "Miss [you] man. I actually really liked [you]".

In case you missed it, the singer recently had the phrase "7 rings" tattooed on her hand, written in tiny Japanese kanji. BuzzFeed explains that if read left to right instead, it would translate into "charcoal BBQ grill finger ♡".

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