Celine Dion Claps Back at Body Shamers Who Criticize Her Slimmer Frame

Celine Dion Claps Back at Body Shamers Who Criticize Her Slimmer Frame

Celine Dion Claps Back at Body Shamers Who Criticize Her Slimmer Frame

The dancer most recently appeared arm-in-arm with the singer at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, sparking rumours the duo were more than just friends.

"The way that we used to work before was more conservative", she explained in the interview, while also pointing out that her choices are not about "trying to take chances" but more about helping her "feel attractive". If you like it, I will be there. 'We bonded right away as friends, we had a good time.

The legend when asked by The Sun if she was bothered by this, but she had a response for everyone: Leave me alone. "I want to feel strong handsome fierce and sexy".

Mic dropped! Makes sense that when you're at Celine's level, you have no energy to give to the haters! "He's giving me his hand to go out".

Her comments come after she launched a gender-neutral clothing line for children called Celinununu previous year, which she created in order to give children a "chance to feel free to find their own individuality". However, she attributes that to a series of changes she's undergone in the years since her longtime husband and manager, Rene Angelil died after battling cancer.

"I just want to be the best of me and be surrounded- like my husband always surrounded me with-the best people, " the singer told the publication.

Dion also has three children, Rene-Charles, 18, and twins Eddy and Nelson, who are 8. "I'm doing this for me. It's all new. It's like I'm having a second wind - 50 has been great for me", she said. "But I use my voice as well for things that I choose I want to do and things that I say to my team I don't want to do. I feel that I am grown up enough to say, 'I think I would rather do this than that'".

Celine added that she does not want her weight to become a discussion.

"I'm not playing 50". I want to feel strong. There was the time she married her manager Rene Angelil, whom she met in 1980 when she was 12 and he was 38 (the pair Wednesday in 1994). "I have never seen her so skinny", another wrote. "The maturity that comes with age and time".

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