Cops visit Blac Chyna after child neglect claims

Blac Chyna

Pull Up On Blac Chyna After Disturbing Anonymous Call Angie Dare

As we reported, the police originally stopped by Chyna's home on Sunday evening (January 20) after an anonymous caller said that she was drunk to the point of utter intoxication and could not watch her child, Dream Kardashian. Chyna apparently felt that some of Alexis' behavior during Chyna and Rob's relationship was inappropriate, and she finally wanted to clear the air. It's since emerged that the fight had something to do with Blac's ex Rob Kardashian - and later the same night, Alexis shared pics of herself cooking dinner for Rob in Kris Jenner's kitchen.

Chyna and her ex have notably had a shaky relationship.

However, upon visiting Chyna's Los Angeles home, officers determined that everything was fine, Dream was being properly looked after and nobody was intoxicated.

Given Blac's still-boiling feud with Rob Kardashian and Alexis Skyy, initial speculation had the two of them somehow involved.

Just hours earlier, police were called in to investigate a child neglect claim.

This time, they were reportedly there to "diffuse a potentially explosive situation" involving BC and her former makeup artist. She had to go back to retrieve some of her belongings, and decided that it would be best if she were accompanied by police.

Alexis initially claimed that Chyna randomly threw a drink on her at the party, however, multiple sources recently told TMZ the ladies' relationship with Rob was actually at the center of their drama.

But the Kardashians have serious money, even if Rob doesn't.

Video surfaced online of the war of words that erupted afterward, including Chyna attempting to talk away from Skyy, who was held back by fellow guests.

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