Costco sells out of 27-pound bucket of mac and cheese

Costco has sold out of its 27-pound tub of Mac and Cheese

Costco has sold out of its 27-pound tub of Mac and Cheese

That's a lot of eating elbow room, thanks to the hearty folks at Chef's Banquet, a household name in family-size freezer food circles. (At the writing of this article, it is sold out at The tub contains 180 servings and has a shelf life of 20 years, according to People. On the Costco ($COST) website, it is available for $89.99.

Plus, the container is a heavy-duty six-gallon bucket with lid that customers can easily transport and stack.

While the tubs have been around for a few years, their recent viral status saw any remaining tubs quickly sell out. We bought this for our grandson. We opened it and made it, ' said reviewer MiMiO.

If you love macaroni and cheese; like, really love macaroni and cheese, today is your lucky day. "I was surprised to find out that it was very good", another person commented. You can't mess it up. "But, don't pack the cheese sauce powder".

The bucket is listed under the Emergency Kits & Supplies section of Costco's website.

Costco is now selling. hold on to your hats.

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