De Blasio announces health care coverage for all New Yorkers

De Blasio announces health care coverage for all New Yorkers

De Blasio announces health care coverage for all New Yorkers

"No one should have to live in fear", de Blassio says. "We can make it happen".

De Blasio's $100 million commitment was laden with political significance: He delivered it hours before a prime-time speech by President Trump, who was expected to defend his assertion that the country faces a crisis of illegal immigration. Unlike most health coverage, however, the care will be available only within New York City.

The mayor unveiled the program at a news conference at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx after first announcing in on MSNBC's "Morning Joe".

The city claims that this is not an insurance program; it already has a public option.

The mayor said all services would be affordable on a sliding scale for those who are able to pay a portion of the costs, while those who can not afford to pay will receive care for free.

Claudia Calhoon, senior director of immigrant integration policy for the New York Immigration Coalition, said the program will include primary, preventive and specialty care and behavioral health services through New York City Health and Hospitals, the nation's largest public health-care system.

Through the combination of these programs, uninsured residents will gain free or affordable access to primary and secondary providers from pediatrics to OBGYN, geriatric, mental health, and other services.

NYC Care will not be fully implemented until 2021. But details were scant on how the program will be funded.

Thiessen said the same claim was made after ObamaCare was passed, however, emergency room visits did not decline as predicted but instead increased. This is Mayor Bill de Blasio speaking at a news conference Tuesday. "This is going to be a difference-maker in their lives". "It is the worst way to get health care".

People respond differently when they know something is guaranteed, he continued. The mayor and aides said those residents tend to be healthy young adults who think they do not need insurance, and others who can not afford insured offered through their jobs, or the Affordable Care Act. 'If you treat people with respect and dignity, the jobs will go away. "They end up in the [emergency department] and it could have been prevented easily if they knew where to turn". Our citizens have a hard enough time covering their own healthcare costs and now Mayor de Blasio also wants them to pay for the healthcare of 300,000 citizens of other countries. What do they all have in common?

"Health care is a human right". And if health care insurance did cost $166 per person per year then it wouldn't be a problem, would it? "New Yorkers who can't enroll in or afford health insurance will now be able to access comprehensive, patient-centered services through NYC Care". However, de Blasio believes it will ultimately save the city money by drastically reducing residents' trips to the emergency room.

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