Disneyland raises prices up to 25% for tickets, annual passes and parking

Disneyland prices to increase by up to 25 percent ahead of Star Wars-themed expansion

Disneyland prices to increase by up to 25 percent ahead of Star Wars-themed expansion

Disneyland ticket prices are now over $100 with the theme park preparing to open its Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction this coming summer.

The park is anticipating a surge of interest for the opening of its Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge expansion, which includes a 14-acre immersive world based on the popular sci-fi franchise and new rides and attractions (including the one pictured above, where visitors can "fly" the Millennium Falcon).

The resort had raised ticket prices by 18 percent less than a year ago, CBS News reported.

Star Wars fans powering up their lightsabers in anticipation of the new Disneyland expansion are going to have to launch a daring raid on their piggy banks, following Disney's decision to increase entrance prices.

The demand days will rise from $117 a day to $129. They were previously $135.

Disneyland annual passes now come in six varieties, with the one with the most days blacked-out costing US$399 and the highest-level of access costing US$1,949. And on peak-demand days?

Annual passes are also increasing.

It will now cost $1,949 (previously $1,579). "The average family can't even afford to go to Disneyland because of the cost". "Disney has invested heavily in promoting itself as a lifestyle brand, and its dedicated fans won't abandon it over these price increases".

Disney representatives said more days would be blocked out for most annual passes compared to previous year but didn't provide more specifics.

The Deluxe Pass and Premier Pass have also increased.

"The Happiest Place on Earth" wasn't exactly cheap before, but a ticket to the Disneyland theme park just became even more expensive.

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