ExxonMobil and IBM to Advance Energy Sector Application of Quantum Computing

ExxonMobil and IBM to Advance Energy Sector Application of Quantum Computing

ExxonMobil and IBM to Advance Energy Sector Application of Quantum Computing

"IBM also led the industry in the number of AI, cloud computing, security and quantum computing-related patent grants, with more than 4,000 patents", it said. "Quantum computing can potentially provide us with capabilities to simulate nature and chemistry that we've never had before". The announcement Tuesday comes a little more than a year after IBM said it had created a prototype 50 qubit quantum computer, moving it closer to "quantum supremacy". It's a cryogenically cooled, nine-foot-tall and nine-foot-wide cube that tackles some of the practical challenges involved in operating a quantum computer.

We reached out to IBM with a host of questions regarding the Q System - like whether IBM intends to make more than one of these systems, and what the pricing structure will be for commercial use - and Dr. However, this relative fragility is why you won't be installing an IBM Q System One in your own office - while it's definitely a major step forward, it's a far ways away from being something you can order and have delivered. In addition, the no-cost and publicly available IBM Q Experience now supports more than 100,000 users, who have run more than 6.7 million experiments and published more than 130 third-party research papers.

Previously, quantum computers have only been confined to research labs - Microsoft, Google, IBM, and lots of others have been racing to bring a viable quantum computer to market.

In terms of the IBM Q System One's appearance, the computer is defined by a stack of circuit boards and wires, encased in a metal cylinder that sits in a half-inch thick glass case.

Advances in quantum computing could provide ExxonMobil with an ability to address computationally challenging problems across a variety of applications, including the potential to optimize a country's power grid, and perform more predictive environmental modeling and highly accurate quantum chemistry calculations to enable discovery of new materials for more efficient carbon capture.

Until now, quantum computers have existed only in disassembled form in research labs.

IBM goes on to explain in a company blog post today that the work in these and other areas often begins long before there is any associated practical enterprise uses for the technology the company is probing. These national government labs will be part of the broader IBM Q Network with access to IBM Q's commercial systems.

"Protection from this interference is one of many reasons why quantum computers and their components require careful engineering and isolation".

Additionally, IBM also announced the opening of the new IBM Q Quantum Computation Center later in 2019.

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