Fiji Water Girl's Identity Revealed — Golden Globes

Golden Globe Awards 2019 Winners

Golden Globe Awards 2019 Winners

For this year's Golden Globes, Fiji Water sent out four women to offer stars some refreshment, but only one stole the spotlight.

Cuthbert reacted to her sudden fame in an interview with Glamour, telling the magazine, "I do love a good meme, so I think it's incredibly ironic and amusing that I'm one now". She now resides in Los Angeles but she's modeled all around the world.

Model Kelleth Cuthbert seemed determined to make her mark on the night where cameras were in abundance, becoming an overnight viral sensation.

Speaking to People, the model said: 'There's tons of photographers everywhere.

FIJI Water responded to the online reaction to Cuthbert's photobombing by tweeting, "We're so glad everyone is talking about our water *senses ominous presence* She's right behind us, isn't she?" It doesn't matter where you stand, you're in the crossfire of every shot.

The fashion model and commercial actress added: 'The photographers have to take so many shots, so rapidly. Obviously, your face doesn't look perfectly pleasant in all of them, so they captured lots of expressions [where I'm] naturally making weird faces'.

She does have a favorite photo of the many she appeared in Sunday: It's the one where she appears behind comic actor Jim Carrey. "Nicole Kidman, I have always wanted to work with you so thank you".

Though Cuthbert looked attractive, she didn't have a stylist to fix her hair and makeup.

"These three incredible men... they lifted me up and supported me", she continued.

"That Fiji water girl is really out here stealing scenes", a post read, while another person quipped, "$100 says Fiji girl is cast as a CW superhero next pilot season". The brand took to Twitter to join in on the meme fun, but not before addressing everyone's excitement over her presence.

We hope to see Fiji Water woman accepting her Golden Globe at next year's award ceremony.

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