Harris to launch presidential bid on MLK Day

Sen. Kamala Harris D-California in Hart Senate Office Building

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"The irony here is that this president is talking about a wall because this is going to keep out so-called terrorists - which we know is not true - in the interest of public safety when each day he's choking the actual people who are responsible for public safety", Harris said.

Harris, who is among the most anticipated of the potential Democratic challengers to Trump, has made a decision to run and will make her announcement on or near the Martin Luther King holiday, CBS News reported Thursday.

When co-host Sunny Hostin asked the California senator if the time was right for a president who happened to be a woman of color, Harris expressed faith in the American people. The passage suggests Harris is aware that her seven years as the district attorney in San Francisco, followed by six years as California's attorney general, is something she will have to explain and signals how she may frame her law enforcement career if she decides to run for the White House. "It gets her out there", said Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and presidential candidate who preceded his own 2004 run by stumping on the issue of universal health care and his opposition to the Iraq War.

"San Francisco is viewed as a very nutty place by people outside of California, and frankly, by a lot of people inside California", Sragow said. He couldn't make it through the primaries, which was won by President Donald Trump. She'd also be a stronger presidential candidate if she focused on that campaign. According to Forbes, Harris laughed during a 2014 interview when a journalist raised a question about legalization.

While Harris said that she took "full responsibility", she did not apologize and did not acknowledge the alleged victim involved in the incident.

In her new memoir, "The Truths We Hold", Harris described her anger watching her mother become a target because she was "brown-skinned" and how that has driven her efforts to enhance the legal and humanitarian protections over immigrants coming into the US.

The debate within her camp has been how, and where, to launch her campaign.

But a campaign also could hurt her standing.

However, with a possible presidential run on the horizon, Harris has gotten behind legalization.

"He ran as the law-and-order president", Elleithee said of Trump.

"I think she is introducing bold ideas that should be discussed".

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