Intel might be working on a foldable Windows phone

Intel might be working on a foldable Windows phone

Intel might be working on a foldable Windows phone

The device in the patent documents can be folded to look like a standard rectangular smartphone, folded in a laptop-like configuration, or folded out flat in a few ways for viewing content across the entire display. However, Intel plans to launch on the emerging folding smartphone market with a surprising concept of a foldable phone.

We expect Intel to keep on producing computer and smartphone components without releasing its hardware, as it's been doing for many years. What does it mean? well, it means you will have a dual-screen smartphone at your disposal.

In mid-2017, the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) published a patent from Intel Corporation for an electronic device with foldable display panels.

The device would run Windows 10 and would also support a stylus, so it could become just the ideal product for taking notes, drawing, or simply working at the office. The patent shows various design images and a very brief description of the product.

When the device is fully folded, the smartphone can be operated with one hand.

Foldable devices seem to be the next big thing in technology. The tablet consists of three display parts when unfolded, and each section comes with two cameras each i.e. six cameras in total.

Of course it is not clear if such a device will ever come to market, but if Intel does not do it with a Microsoft OS, we can be nearly certain another OEM will eventually have a similar design on Android. Handy when you want to discuss a presentation, or watch a video, but also when you want to use the device as an alarm clock.

The foldable Intel smartphone is also equipped with a stylus pen. Dubbed Tiger Rapids, the device was a foldable PC featuring dual screens.

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