Intel's 9th Gen Core processors headed to laptops in Q2 2019

Intel's 9th Gen Core processors headed to laptops in Q2 2019

Intel's 9th Gen Core processors headed to laptops in Q2 2019

Last night, Intel's CES 2019 press conference focussed heavily on its shift to 10nm, with system-on-chip designs, mobile CPUs, and Xeon server CPUs all confirmed as very much coming soon or soonish depending on the product.

Other aspects of Ice Lake it is worth highlighting are its Intel DL Boost instruction sets to accelerate AI workloads, and the integrated Intel Gen11 graphics to improve graphics performance ( 1TFLOP) and support Adaptive Sync (FreeSync). Intel previewed Lakefield, its hybrid 10nm CPU architecture with Foveros 3D packaging. The company's Integrated UHD Graphics is disabled in these processors, which will allow for increased yields-Intel could still sell the chips if there are issues with the graphics but the cores are okay.

In the meantime, the company is adding to its existing lineup of 9th generation CPUs.

First laptops based on Intel's Project Athena platform will be released in the second of this year. Compatible with the upcoming 14nm Cooper Lake, Ice Lake processors targeting servers are expected to deliver performance improvements, new hardware-enhanced security features and more, with shipments targeted for 2020.

Intel is expecting the first devices using Project Athena to launch in the second half of 2019, with its innovation partners on the project including Dell, Google, HP, Samsung, Microsoft, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and Innolux.

Lakefield, which will go into production this year, includes a total of five cores, combing four tiny Intel Atom processors and one 10nm Sunny Core processor.

"This enables combining different pieces of IP that might have previously been discrete into a single product with a smaller motherboard footprint, which allows OEMs more flexibility for thin and light form factor design", Intel explained. That includes 9th Gen Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9 chips.

In addition to news of the forthcoming 9th Gen mobile chips, Intel revealed new additions to its 9th Gen desktop family will be available this month.

Intel has had well-publicized struggles with the 10nm process.

More devices-especially smaller ones with very fast wireless capabilities-will necessitate new wireless infrastructure, and Intel is investing in that as well.

A Neural Network Processor for Training, code-named "Spring Crest", is also set to become available later this year.

Intel also announced Project Athena, an innovation program and new set of industry specifications developed to help usher in a new class of advanced notebooks created to enable new experiences and capitalize on next-generation technologies, including 5G and AI.

"This network SoC is meant to bring Intel architecture into wireless access base stations and allow more computing functions to be distributed out at the edge of the network", Intel said.

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