Keemstar claims it's 'impossible' to be offended by Logan Paul 'going gay'

Logan Paul You Tube  Shobble

Logan Paul You Tube Shobble

Obviously the controversial Logan Paul had to put his own spin on resolutions, dubbing "Male Only March" to be a thing after he announced he's "going gay" for a select period of time.

Logan Paul, 23, who was named among the world's highest-paid YouTube stars in 2018, saw a slowdown in views and subscriptions after he had filmed an apparent suicide victim in Japan's notorious "suicide forest".

One of his three co-hosts on the show, Mike Majlak, then added: "For one month".

Paul, who is no stranger to controversy, made the weird resolution on his podcast, ImPaulsive, after suggesting he could try "Fatal February", only drinking vodka and eating steak, following a dry and vegan January.

They explained that they were having a "sober, vegan January".

"Fatal February", Majlak replies.

He said: "So it's male-only March". "We're gonna attempt to go gay for just one month", he said.

Just when you thought Logan Paul was coming to his senses, he finds a new demographic with sensory language.

While he may have been joking, his comments were slammed on social media as people reacted in anger to him choosing to "go gay". In return, Logan Paul was supposed to keep the joke going by assuming the archetypal Vegan impression, but he didn't.

GLAAD chimed in saying, "That's not how it works, @LoganPaul". This is an insult to the LGBTQ+ community. Getting back into the gym, finally playing through that gaming backlog (why you do dis, Steam?), and other ways to just overall improve one's life for the year ahead.

After facing a social media backlash, Paul tried to defend himself and tweeted: "Very poor choice of words... my fault. let's get together and talk about it on my podcast next week?"

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