Kingdom Hearts III's epilogue won't be available until January 30

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending

Kingdom Hearts III's epilogue won't be available until January 30

The Japanese release schedule is slightly ahead of the U.S. one. These include the addition of a story recap known as Memory Archive, bringing fans up to date with the series' story up to Kingdom Hearts 3, data fixes, and an epilogue along with a secrete movie. What do you think the epilogue and secret movie will show? However, those players without an internet connection will still get to see the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3. Rather than release the game in full, players will have to wait a few extra days to view the game's true epilogue. Lastly, there will be a secret video available for download on Thursday, January 31. Only those who've completed the Kingdom Hearts 3 campaign and watched the main story ending will be able to access this epilogue video.

The official English and Japanese Twitter accounts for the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise revealed details on Friday for the Kingdom Hearts III game's launch-day patch content and other additional content. They also mentioned that the memory archives will be added to the Game's title menu and can be viewed at any time.

If you plan on picking up Kingdom Hearts 3 on January 29, you'll want to look over the update schedule for the game.

However, that is the Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue and not the actual ending of the game. Players need to finish the game and seen it's ending. It's disappointing that Square Enix chose to take this approach as it means that not all of the game's content is on disc. Only players who've completed the campaign and fulfill a list of special requirements will be allowed to watch the "secret movie" for Kingdom Hearts 3.

On January 30th, the epilogue video of Kingdom Hearts 3 will be unlocked for United States players.

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