Let's Ogle Us Some 7nm: Handling the AMD Radeon VII Graphics Card

Jensen Huang enjoying G-SYNC

Jensen Huang enjoying G-SYNC

Su also announced that Alphabet Inc's Google was partnering to use AMD's Radeon graphics chips on its recently announced video game streaming service, Project Stream. I don't know if the Nvidia CEO needed to be prodded to elaborate, but he did anyway. TSMC's 7nm production is likely to be quite expensive in the case of a 331 mm silicon chip, as will the four HBM2 RAM stacks on the 4096-bit memory interface. In the meantime, it turns out AMD shared more of its own benchmark data than we initially thought.

Huang described the performance of AMD's latest Radeon VII graphics processing unit as "lousy", according to Gizmodo, which was at the roundtable attended by media outlets. "And if we turn on ray tracing we'll crush it", he added.

"He also riffed on AMD's G-Sync competitor, FreeSync saying, "(FreeSync) was never proven to work.

As you would expect, the Radeon VII will offer full FreeSync 2 HDR support, with AMD proudly pointing to its ever-growing FreeSync ecosystem and a total monitor count that now exceeds 550. That said, AMD did show some slides showing performance that was equivalent to the RTX 2080 and even greater than it in an unspecified Vulkan title.

Huang stated that they tested FreeSync monitors extensively and "unsurprisingly majority don't work".

While the Radeon VII will be AMD's most potent gaming card when it is released on February 7at a price of $699, its performance will be comparable to that of a GeForce RTX 2080.

During the AMD's keynote yesterday, Dr. Lisa Su talked about the Radeon VII while several graphs splashed on the big screen behind her. The system AMD used for the comparison tests was an Intel i7 7700K rig, with 16GB of 3000Mhz DDR4, Windows 10, and the AMD Driver 18.50, with all the games tested at "4K Max Settings".

Although most performance slides are focusing on the so-called content creators applications like DaVinci, Premiere, Luxmark, Blender, and others, there is a single slide that compares both the RTX 2080 and RX Vega 64 to the upcoming Radeon VII. About 25 per cent improved performance on average.

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