LG Launches the World's First Rollable, Futuristic OLED TV

International CES,CES 2019,Consumer Electronics Show

CES 2019 LG launches 88-inch OLED 8K display

While the OLED TV R that showed up at CES 2018 was a prototype, LG is at the 2019 show with a market-ready product that will hit the market later in the Sprint for a colossal, premium price. To be called the Signature OLED TV R, the television has an ultra-thin, rollable display that disappears into a box at the press of a button.

Visitors to CES 2019 will also be treated to an arty OLED flower made up of four 65 inch UHD OLED displays that have had their edges curled inward, as a demonstration of the flexibility of OLED displays and the kind of thing LG Display can achieve without compromising picture quality. On top of a 65-inch 8K OLED display (pictured above and below), it's showing off a 65-inch 4K OLED panel with a "world's fastest" motion picture response time of just 3.5ms.

'A rollable OLED TV is a true game-changer, liberating users from the limitations of the wall and freeing them to curate their own personal space which no longer needs to be reserved full time for TV viewing'. LG Display hasn't outlined plans for the screen, but there's little doubt this would be most relevant for a future TV set.

Line View - the screen is partially unrolled, allowing for functions like the clock, weather, photos, and music to be managed.

Another feature of the TV punted by LG is its built-in sound system, which packs 4.2-channel output (100W) and support for Dolby Atmos.

iPhone or iPad users can now easily play videos from iTunes or other video apps to the LG TVs without the need for Apple TV streaming console.

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