Lindsay Lohan Speaks On Whether Fans Can Expect A ‘Mean Girls’ 2

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Lindsay Lohan Speaks On Whether Fans Can Expect A ‘Mean Girls’ 2

While Ariel's next chance to be part of our world is still in development, Mean Girls star Lohan made it clear in an Instagram post in February 2017 that she wants the role of the flame-haired young mermaid - and almost two years later, she's still of the same mind. "I will tell you one thing, though - from now on, I'm fast-forwarding through all of her parts in 'Mean Girls'".

But for now the actress hasn't retired her dancing feet (please reconsider, Lindsay) and she just re-created #DoTheLilo.

Lindsay's new series kicked off Tuesday night, bringing viewers into the sun-kissed world of Mykonos, Greece, where the actress runs the show's titular hot spot.

Lohan has been open about her past struggles with drugs and alcohol, but she hopes people see her business ventures in a positive light.

"I'm running the place, so I don't have time for any of that", Lindsay added of working in the partying business.

Lohan was a guest on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon", where she answered the rumors about what Fallon called "Lindsay Lohan Island".

"This is a time for me to show people, the past is the past, and we're only moving forward", the "Freaky Friday" star begins, "and there's no opportunity for them to say anything".

"The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie since I was a kid", Lohan said.

"I don't know, it's not a question for me", she said.

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