May Could Postpone Final Brexit Agreement Commons Vote Again

Jeremy Hunt arrives to speak about

Jeremy Hunt arrives to speak about"Britain's Role in a Post Brexit World at the Fullerton Lecture in Singapore Credit Edgar Su Reuters

Britain can still punch above its weight globally even after it exits the European Union (EU), Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Wednesday ahead of a crucial parliamentary vote at home.

Theresa May says the United Kingdom will be in "unchartered territory" if her deal fails to go through Parliament, as she insists the Brexit vote will go ahead this month.

'If some of those MPs can be persuaded to back the Prime Minister's deal, it won't be because they've come under pressure to do so from their local party members over the Christmas break'.

"The only way to both honour the result of the referendum and protect jobs and security is by backing the deal that is on the table", she wrote adding that both Remain MPs pushing for a second referendum and Brexiteers wanting to honour the referendum result by making a clean break from the European Union without a long transition tied to the bloc's rules "must realise the risks they are running with our democracy and the livelihoods of our constituents".

Addressing opponents on both the Remain and Brexiteer wings of the Commons, she said: "There are some in Parliament who, despite voting in favour of holding the referendum, voting in favour of triggering Article 50 and standing on manifestos committed to delivering Brexit, now want to stop us leaving by holding another referendum.

Ludicrously, we are in exactly the same situation now as before Christmas with the Tory government again facing defeat, but having wasted a month of precious time".

"Both groups are motivated by what they think is best for the country, but both must realise the risks they are running with our democracy and the livelihoods of our constituents".

MPs are due to vote on whether to back Mrs May's Brexit plan next week.

The poll of more than 25,000 voters was commissioned by the People's Vote campaign, which is spearheading an increasingly vocal push for a second referendum on Brexit.

In a Mail on Sunday article, Mrs May said Labour's approach under Jeremy Corbyn had been based on a "cynical tissue of incoherence, created to avoid hard decisions".

May has strongly opposed holding a second referendum.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the UK Government should be "ashamed" for delaying a vote on Brexit.

He told Today it was "highly unlikely" May's deal would get through parliament and "we need more time" to agree on how to proceed.

Labour wants to force a general election by calling a vote of no confidence in the government if the deal is rejected by MPs.

Tory MP Theresa Villiers says she will oppose PM Theresa May's Brexit deal as it doesn't respect the vote.

Also, the DUP, the Northern Irish party that props up Ms.

But Iain Duncan Smith said that extra money from Brexit could be reinvested back into public services.

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