Meghan Markle will NOT return to Suits for 'one last episode'

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Meghan Markle will NOT return to Suits for 'one last episode'

Word on the royal streets is Meghan Markle could possibly return for one last episode of Suits.

Markle starred on Suits as Rachel Zane from the show's pilot in 2011 through its Season 7 finale, which aired just weeks before she tied the knot to Prince Harry in May of 2018.

One of Markle's former Suits colleagues reportedly alleged that her potential cameo was supposed to be "hush, hush", though it was no secret that the network would "do anything to get her and Patrick back as guest stars", cameos that would prove to drive ratings for the series.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan, 37, is expecting her first child with Prince Harry in the spring, and was rumoured to have been offered a chance to portray her character Rachel Zane as expecting her first child with on-screen husband Michael Rose, played by Patrick J Adams.

An NBC source has revealed to The Daily Star that she has been offered a large sum of money which she can donate to a charity of her choice.

The socialite explained, "Everything I hear is that Harry is completely beguiled by Meghan and completely enthralled to her and has changed considerably".

It goes without saying that producers of the legal drama would be keen for the Duchess to make an appearance on set (can you IMAGINE those viewing figures?), but Meghan isn't exactly strapped for cash now that she lives in palaces and hangs out with the Queen.

According to a source, the shooting could be done in less than a day, and the story line might mirror Meg's real life-as in, they may have her "pregnant and happy living with Mike [her husband on the show] in the United Kingdom".

An NBC source has said that the shots would be filmed in the United Kingdom and "could be done in half a day or less".

During the couple's engagement interview, Meghan said: "For me, once we hit the 100-episode marker, I thought, "You know what? I have ticked this box and I feel really proud of the work I've done there and now it's time to, ' as you [Harry] said, 'work as a team with you, '" she said".

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