Merkel: Germany recognises responsibilty for Nazi crimes in Greece

Merkel: Germany recognises responsibilty for Nazi crimes in Greece

Merkel: Germany recognises responsibilty for Nazi crimes in Greece

"We share the position of Greece on the refugee crisis that it is an issue that concerns everyone", she said, adding that, "we believe every country must contribute to the resolution of this problem."As regards the Prespes name deal, Merkel tells said she believed the agreement was a "positive development not just for Greece and "North Macedonia" for all sides", adding that a "peaceful resolution of the issue is in the interest of all".

In talks with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras after her arrival on Thursday, Merkel lauded the sacrifices Greeks made during the country's economic crisis of 2010-2014.

World War Two reparations resurfaced as an emotional issue during Greece's 2010-18 period of bailouts when austerity-hit Greeks, evoking past injustices, blamed their biggest creditor Germany for painful cuts associated with three global bailouts.

Tsipras, who was in opposition during Merkel's last visit, was asked about his demand back then that Merkel go back to Germany.

Greece has raised the issue of war reparations from Germany on several occasions, with President Prokopis Pavlopoulos telling Angela Merkel that Athens has grounds to pursue legal claims for billions of euros.

"We recognise our historical responsibility".

Germany has apologised for Nazi-era crimes during the war but has said it is not willing to discuss reparations.

Berlin argues that its payment to Athens of 115 million deutschmarks in 1960 (€59 million in today's currency) - coupled with a 1990 treaty at the moment German reunification - settled the issue.

Merkel and Tsipras have met many times over the past few years, but this is the German chancellor's first visit to Athens since Tsipras became prime minister in January 2015 following a fiercely anti-bailout and anti-Merkel campaign.

Merkel's first foreign trip this year is part of a new phase of her chancellorship after she surrendered her post as Christian Democratic Union party leader in October and said she won't run for a fifth term as chancellor. Runaway inflation followed, and tens of thousands of people starved to death.

Greece was forced to hand over 476 million reichmarks, which Greek officials have estimated at $69.14 billion (6-10 billion euros).

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