New 'Game of Thrones' footage shows Sansa's first meeting with Daenerys

Most notably for nearly everyone on Earth, the teaser contains the first Game of Thrones season 8 footage - a meeting between Daenerys, her new bae Jon Snow, and half-sister-but-actually-cousin Sansa Stark.

Fans of the HBO Fantasy series "Game of Thrones" got a special treat this month as the 2019 Golden Globes Awards show featured a snippet of what viewers can expect in the series's final season. Sansa, with absolutely zero context whatsoever, handing over the ownership of Winterfell to Daenerys?

In the brief footage, Daenerys is seen being introduced to Sansa, who now holds the fort at Winterfell, by Jon after their arrival from Dragonstone.

The scene also features Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen), and Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie).

After Daenerys spent the majority of her time on "Game of Thrones" away from Westeros, she's making her way through the entire country after setting up a home base at Dragonstone and also make an appearance in King's Landing for her meeting with Cersei Lannister a season ago.

Which yes, absolutely includes a literal two seconds on Game Of Thrones' final season.

The finale season is set to premiere in April this year. There's no official date information yet for Barry, Big Little Lies and Watchmen.

In the rest of the video released by HBO, we see teasers from Veep, Watchmen, True Detective (Season 3) and Big Little Lies' new season.

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