Pro-Israeli BDS bill stalls in US Senate

Pro-Israeli BDS bill stalls in US Senate

Pro-Israeli BDS bill stalls in US Senate

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a $24 billion spending bill that funds the IRS and other agencies affected by the partial government shutdown through September 30, as Democrats look to flex their new majority to put pressure on congressional Republicans amid the ongoing standoff.

The Democratic-controlled House voted 240-188 on Wednesday to approve the funding bill, which also would reopen the Federal Communications Commission, the Small Business Administration and the federal judiciary, among other agencies.

The bill at first had widespread support, but Democrats are split over Florida Republican Sen.

House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey says taxpayers rely on the IRS to assist them in filing taxes and financial planning but now "don't have anyone they can turn to" for answers. In their view, sending the individual bills to the Senate will ramp up pressure on Republicans, even though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear he won't take up anything without the President's blessing.

However, President Trump has threatened to veto any bill without border wall funding, which means more senators would need to flip. Republicans now hold a 53-47 majority in the Senate and would need Democratic votes to advance the measure over the 60-vote threshold. Marco Rubio (R-FL) tweeted.

She has since said that her comment might have been a "distraction", but she believes in calling for the impeachment. Republicans say they don't see a way out of the impasse unless the president is able to find a way to declare victory on his core campaign promise of building a wall spanning the US-Mexico border.

The shutdown began December 22 in a largely partisan dispute over funding a wall on the U.S. -Mexico border that was a centerpiece of Trump's presidential campaign.

McConnell spoke on the Senate floor hours before Trump was to address the nation from the Oval Office about his long-promised border wall, which has been the key sticking point in negotiations that have gone on for close to three weeks. "Let's not get off on the wrong foot, with House Democrats using their new platform to produce political statements rather than serious solutions". All Democrats voted for the legislation. "I'm going to defend Israel in every way and every time I can". Some Republican senators gathered with Jared Kushner Wednesday afternoon to try to hammer out a broader immigration and border security deal that could appeal to Democrats, but no Democrats were present.

The movement's goals are to stop Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories, grant of full citizenship rights to Palestinians in Israel and ensure Palestinian refugees' right of return to the homes that they or their families were expelled from to make way for the formation of the state of Israel.

Sen. McConnell, meanwhile, voiced his support for the president's plan in a news release.

Meanwhile, Tlaib's Democratic colleagues have taken a more nuanced posture.

"I've worked closely with you on BDS, @MarcoRubio, and disagree with you here".

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