Samsung Galaxy S10 event is happening February 20

Samsung Galaxy S10 event is happening February 20

Samsung Galaxy S10 event is happening February 20

Samsung has always been one of Apple's biggest rivals in the smartphone industry, with its Galaxy devices posing the most significant threat to the iPhone.

The Galaxy S10 E will also feature a smaller battery, with a previous leak revealing the smartphone will have a 3100mAh cell. This might be the first Samsung smartphone to not feature a 3.5mm headphone jack. In other words, theres less focus on what is connected and how its connected, and more on what the user can do by just saying what they want to do.

Flourished with style, aesthetically pleasing, and full of spectacular announcements that each competed for the spotlight, Samsung's CES 2019 conference was one of the best.

People at the booth couldn't touch the device, but according to ZDNet reporter Corinne Reichert, who saw it and snapped the picture above, it comes with the same basic design as Samsung's current phones. Samsung unveiled its new, 49-inch "CRG9 gaming monitor" while optimizing it with gamers' needs in mind.

For those looking for desktop monitors, Samsung offered a new Samsung Space Monitor.

Samsung has given no roll out information or timeframe for Digital Cockpit 2019, other than it's coming in 2019.

Notably, it enables drivers to remotely check their car's fuel levels before setting off on a long road trip and set the temperature before settling into the auto - ideal for hot days. The new Digital Cockpit uses onboard cameras to recognise specific drivers and passengers and then adjusting preferences accordingly.

It's going to be an interesting year for Samsung smartphones. The Digital Cockpit 2019 also provides a safer driving experience with the mirror replacement vision system and camera-based safety solutions. It's due to launch the device at some point this year.

Samsung's dedication to their television line is unrivaled.

On the software side the Galaxy S10 will run Android Pie, with its new OneUI overlaid.

Samsungs connected living innovations will be available this spring. With its advances in AI and robotics, the company is harnessing its best assets to make a positive impact on society and shape a better world.

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