Samsung Unveils Massive 219-Inch TV At CES 2019

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CES: Samsung Reveals Massive New 8K TV

No, the TV is the wall. So far most programming isn't offered at such a high resolution. CNET reports that Samsung's line of 8K TVs offers upscaling, but for a TV that size you'd probably want native 8K.

Samsung, however, is going really big in its own way with its unveiling of "The Wall", a massive 219-inch TV that uses a technology called micro-LED. And we were there to take lots of pictures. The burgeoning resolution is coming to more and more flagship televisions, even if few people will be able to make use of it with actual 8K content.

Televisions are always a big star at CES. "This is our R9 signature OLED TV for 2019", an LG spokesperson added.

Apart from launching a rollable TV, LG also unveiled an 88-inch 8K TV fitted with an OLED panel. We'll let you know when we've had the chance to test it thoroughly - but the focus on faithful recreations of shows, films, and photos can only be a good thing.

Sony, TCL, and Hisense are also showing TVs 75 inches and larger at the show.

However, the massive TV doesn't come in one piece.

The Wall can also be used to display photos or artwork when not in use.

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