Woman dies after being found inside Toronto clothing donation bin

Woman dies after being found unconscious in clothing donation bin

Woman dies after getting trapped inside Toronto clothing donation bin

A woman has been pronounced dead after she was found unconscious inside of a clothing donation box early Tuesday morning.

Police did not release the woman's identity, but said she was 35 years old, the Canadian Press reported. The donation box is located behind an apartment building. The design allows for items that are placed inside the tilting drawer to be dropped inside the bin.

It is not the first time someone has died after being trapped in a clothes donation box in Canada.

The municipality of West Vancouver has already sealed a number of bins as they look for safer alternatives to the containers.

Jeremy Hunka of the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver said homeless people often turn to the bins for clothing or shelter without being aware of how risky they can be.

"To advised them of the city's concern about the safety of the bins and asked them to undertake a review and take appropriate measures, including removing the bins from private property, as required", he explains. Despite the efforts of emergency services, he was also pronounced dead at the scene.

The hatches on the bins are created to keep thieves out, but they can also trap people climbing inside.

Ray Taheri, who teaches Engineering at the University of British Columbia, told CBC: "Unfortunately, in the initial stage of design, they never considered, 'What if someone got inside?'" "[The bins] have inadvertently become death traps".

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