A Thriller Investor Might Save the Bankrupt Mars One Mission

A Thriller Investor Might Save the Bankrupt Mars One Mission

A Thriller Investor Might Save the Bankrupt Mars One Mission

Mars One's mission to take humans to the red planet isn't over, the company insists, claiming talks with a new investor could bring the ill-fated space travel company out of bankruptcy.

Lansdorp told Engadget that the Mars One Foundation is still operating, but could not do anything of note without additional investment.

"We are now working with the administrator and an investor to find a solution moving forward, though at this moment that is all we can share", the company said in an email.

Mars One Ventures has for some time been involved in the controversy over its dubious plan to send individuals to Mars, where they would supposedly live out the remainder of their lives.

In case you missed the news yesterday: A redditor discovered a Swiss court filing from January in which Mars One was officially declared bankrupt. By 2013, the company claimed that almost 80,000 people had done so. For one, the organization at first contended that it had received more than 200,000 applicants from individuals everywhere throughout the world interested in living on Mars, yet an investigation by the publication Matter couldn't verify that claim.

The spaceship with the colonists was to be launched to Mars in 2026. Experts have speculated that a mission to Mars could possibly cost hundreds of billions of dollars. In 2015, an insider whistleblower claimed the group had no real plan to realize its interplanetary pitch and had vastly exaggerated the number of people who'd actually applied.

Mars One - which began in the Netherlands and now has ties to a Swiss financial services company - says it's been talking to investors and hopes to emerge from the bankruptcy process intact. The company's most recent news update was an $13.5 million investment from Phoenix Enterprises AG in July 2018.

According to the company, Mars One's total debts current amount to CHF 1.1m, or around $1.11m.

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