Amazon Reconsidering New York City HQ2 Amid Backlash

Protesters at last week's City Council hearing on the Amazon deal

Protesters at last week's City Council hearing on the Amazon deal

Citing two anonymous sources familiar with the company's thinking, the Washington Post reported on Friday that Amazon "is reconsidering its plan to bring 25,000 jobs to a new campus in New York City following a wave of opposition from local politicians".

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos (above right) also owns The Post.

The Post added that no specific plans to abandon NY have been made and it's possible Amazon could use them as a threat to pressure NY lawmakers.

It noted that it's working with its "new neighbors" in Queens, including small business owners, educators and community leaders.

The company's announcement ended a lengthy - and very public - search for Amazon's second headquarters, dubbed HQ2.

The Citibank building, the site of a new workplace for Amazon employees, is seen in Long Island City of the Queens borough of NY, U.S., November 14, 2018.

Supported by the NY governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, the plan has faced a torrent of opposition from elected officials, activists and unions, angry that the company is set to get up to $3bn in tax breaks and subsidies.

"The question is whether it's worth it if the politicians in NY don't want the project, especially with how people in Virginia and Nashville have been so welcoming", said one unnamed Washington Post source.

"We've been getting calls and outreach from Queens residents all day about this".

In mid-November, Amazon made official the disappointing news Chicago had known for a week.

Emanuel and now former Gov. Bruce Rauner had joined forces on a $2.25 billion incentive package aimed at luring Amazon and offered up ten sites in an around the downtown area.

Ocasio-Cortez added at the time, "This isn't just about one company or one headquarters". It's about cost of living, corps paying their fair share, etc. "I was elected to advocate for our community's interests - and they've requested, clearly, to voice their concerns".

"Can everyday people come together and effectively organize against creeping overreach of one of the world's biggest corporations?" During two hearings, the New York City Council - which isn't part of the approvals process for the project - has harshly criticized the plan, too.

A critic of the plan, Queens lawmaker Senator Michael Gianaris, was appointed to a state senate panel that has the power to block Amazon's campus, local media including the New York Times have reported. The company has also launched an aggressive mailer campaign to Queens residents "from your new neighbors at Amazon" to counter anti-Amazon flyers distributed by Gianaris.

"And if they stop Amazon from coming to New York, they're going to have the people of New York State to explain it to".

Amazon has mailed flyers to Queens residents, touting the economic and jobs benefits of its NY expansion, trying to blunt opposition from some local lawmakers who said Amazon received too many tax and other benefits.

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