Disney Confirms R-Rated Deadpool; Hints At More

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Disney Confirms R-Rated Deadpool; Hints At More

But once its theatrical run ends, you won't be able to catch it on Netflix.

Disney's betting big on Captain Marvel, not only in theaters, but as it prepares to launch its new streaming service. Disney confirmed that the first Marvel movie of the year will not be available on the world's most popular streaming service. Furthermore, it's unclear when Disney+ itself will launch, which means potential subscribers might have to wait a while longer than expected to stream Captain Marvel. When asked during an earnings call, Disney chief Bob Iger praised their relationship with EA and spoke in support of Disney's decision to license their franchises instead of developing games in-house.

Disney has released a number of R-rated films through various subsidaries such as Miramax, Dimension Films, and Touchstone Pictures over the years including Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Trainspotting, From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City, Scream, Bad Santa, Con Air, Pretty Woman, and Starship Troopers. Except it will have exclusive countless blockbusters from the Marvel, Lucasfilm, Jim Henson, Pixar, National Geographic and Fox catalogs - something that Netflix can't touch.

"We have a number of creative engines across our company, many of which are dedicating their time and talents to develop content for the Disney+ platform", Iger said. Even though many of Disney's games that have been published in the past reached vast numbers in terms of sales, past titles like the aforementioned Disney Infinity and others like Epic Mickey were always rather well-received critically. Disney is also a partial owner of Hulu, and the company has alluded to plans to bundle all three service in one package in addition to offering them individually.

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