Florida Politician Resigns After Face-Licking Scandal

A Florida politician has resigned following allegations of licking men’s faces

A Florida politician has resigned following allegations of licking men’s faces

City Commissioner Nancy Oakley tendered her resignation Tuesday, the day before the city commission censured her for publicly licking a former city manager's face, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

In her resignation letter, Oakley insisted she was innocent and said she intends to appeal.

On Wednesday, the Madeira Beach City Commission accepted Oakley's resignation and publicly censured her for sexually harassing Crawford at a fishing tournament in November 2012, reported The Washington Post.

A Florida city commissioner reportedly resigned after the state ethics commission alleged she licked another city official's face and neck before groping him.

The ethics complaint stated that Oakley licked City Manager Shane Crawford "up the side of his neck and face". Crawford also said that Oakley threw a punch at a woman at the same event.

A Florida politician has resigned her office because of her alleged "habit of licking men". The Commission also called on Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to issue a public reprimand of Oakley.

Since Oakley previously made a decision to not seek re-election, she would have vacated her seat anyway after serving out her current term ending in March.

She also called her resignation "a hard decision" that she made to "still the controversy" over her alleged behavior, the outlet reported.

Administrative law judge Robert S. Cohen wrote Oakley's alleged licking of Crawford was "too unusual to be contrived by multiple witnesses and multiple victims" in the Commission's final report on the incident.

Crawford, fearing retribution, did not immediately report the incident because Oakley was one of his superiors, the station reported.

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