Google finally makes right-clicking in Gmail less pointless

Gmail is finally getting the right-click features we've always wanted

Google finally making Gmail's right-click menu more useful

Now rolling out to Gmail and G Suite users, an update to Gmail is expanding the menu you see when you right-click your mouse.

New options will include reply, reply all, forward, moving to labels, labeling without moving, muting, finding emails from the same person, and more.

According to Google, this change will first be available to users of G Suite.

Thanks to this solution, just to give an example, who prepares invoices can with an app could fill automatically information and product numbers. With the latest addition, users can take more actions directly from a message.

Currently, users are presented with "Move to tab", "Archive", "Mark as read", and "Delete".

Use search to find emails by the contact.

Users will also be able to search for emails from a specific sender, or if the conversation view is disabled then they can search for emails sharing the same subject.

Open emails in new windows. It has added new useful options to the right-click menu. The context menu can be accessed using Ctrl+click on Mac keyboards and menu key on Windows keyboards. Now, the right click drop down menu has pretty much everything the top bar has and a few extra features. The gradual rollout yesterday (February 11) for companies that have the "rapid release" selected in their upgrade options, while scheduled release domains rollout will start on February 22.

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