Kentucky Gov. says America is weak for closing schools in cold weather

Former Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis's mugshot

Former Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis's mugshot Rowan County Sheriff's office

"I just have to say, this nitwit governor in Kentucky, saying that 'Oh, we're weak, '" the "Today" show weatherman said, referring to Bevin's radio interview. I'm glad you're not a teacher. 'This is serious business'. "We're getting soft", Bevin said in the interview with radio host Terry Meiners. I mean, what happened to America?

"Come on, now. I mean, there's no ice going with it or any snow". Whether it is safe to drive and whether students are safe waiting at bus stops are amo ng the decisions weighing on schools, scores of which announced closures this week.

Lawyers representing Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a Republican, said a former county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples once they were legally allowed to marry should be responsible for hefty legal bills incurred by the people who sued the county. In case his message wasn't clear, he repeated: "We're getting soft".

Wind chill temperatures in the Louisville area were expected to drop as low as minus 20 degrees Wednesday and stay below zero most of the day.

"Now we cancel school for cold", Bevin responded.

His remarks sparked backlash on Twitter from educators in Kentucky.

While the Kentucky governor did say that "it's better to err on the side of being safe", he admitted he was anxious about the example quick school closings are setting for young people in America.

Adam Edelen, a candidate for Governor of Kentucky, said Tuesday, "I wish there were better words to describe things our governor says than, 'dumb and mean.' But there aren't".

The governor's comments drew criticism from Republican gubernatorial challenger Rep. Robert Goforth, who took a shot at Bevin's education.

After college, Bevin served in the U.S. Army and then went into investment banking. "No one wants to hear your old man stories about walking uphill both ways in that when you were a kid".

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