LG G8 ThinkQ Confirmed to Feature 3D Selfie Camera for Face Unlock

LG G8 ThinQ

The LG G8 ThinQ’s time-of-flight sensor

Compared to structured lighting, which is now being used by Apple for its front-facing TrueDepth camera, ToF is easier and cheaper to make.

LG has collaborated with Germany based Infineon Technologies for G8 ThinQ's 3D ToF camera. We've seen LG announcing certain phone features ahead of the actual press event for a phone, so this isn't surprising.

We'll just have to wait for LG's official G8 ThinQ keynote that takes place on February 24th at Mobile World Congress to know for sure. The recently released Honor View 20, for example, includes a 3D lens alongside its main 48-megapixel rear sensor that can measure distance between the subject and the camera lens as well as the volume of what you're shooting. The cutting-edge technology will be used for both premium smartphones and lower-end devices, LG said.

Compared to structured lighting system for 3D facial recognition on Apple iPhones, a ToF sensor is cheaper and easier to manufacture. This also improves the security levels of the for unlocking smartphone via face unlocking and also give more accurate background blur in the selfies. Using algorithms for processed 3D point clouds ("a set of data points in space produced by 3D scanning") the chip will bring ToF imaging to selfie lovers.

The takeaway here is that this REAL3 image sensor provides a "secure verification system without sacrificing camera capabilities". The LG G8 ThinQ will be debuting soon as a good rival for the Galaxy S10. Due to this speed this technology is often used for face recognition and other biometric authentication techniques. The ToF camrea can see objects in 3D because of which it is not affected by light emitted by external sources.

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