Oddsmakers Now Favor Giants To Sign Bryce Harper

Oddsmakers Now Favor Giants To Sign Bryce Harper

Oddsmakers Now Favor Giants To Sign Bryce Harper

The latest turn in the Harper saga has the San Francisco Giants entering the fray at the 11th hour.

The Bryce Harper sweepstakes have gathered pace in recent days after the emergence of the San Francisco Giants as a potential contender for the right-fielder's services.

In that conversation, Nightengale, who predicted in the fall Harper would sign with Philadelphia, that the race for Harper is down to two teams: San Francisco and Philadelphia.

"They are definitely out of it", Nightengale added, talking about the Nationals when asked about the teams in the running to land Harper.

On the flip side, San Francisco is a 90-minute flight to Harper's hometown of Las Vegas, and the handsome ballpark averaged 39,000 fans a year ago.

"With the Giants moving in and all the optimism, I do believe it's a coin flip". However, it sounds like Nightengale thinks the Giants have the edge.

San Diego would "commit significant money" to Machado, but some close to the 26-year-old star want him to think about accepting a short-term deal with the Yankees, the report says.

Additionally, Harper is said to not be interested in a short-term deal, something the Giants might be interested in. Despite being one of baseball's marquee free agents this winter, Harper is still looking for a new home.

The Phillies and possibly the White Sox - and maybe even the Padres - have been rumored in on Harper, however, and surely at least one team will offer something longer than the five years the Giants reportedly offered.

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