Outdoor Cat Found Frozen In Snow Miraculously Survives!

Fluffy when she arrived at the animal clinic. Credit Animal Clinic of Kalispell

Fluffy when she arrived at the animal clinic. Credit Animal Clinic of Kalispell

Fluffy was found by her anxious owners-who live in Kalispell, Montana-completely buried in a snow bank on January 31, ABC News reported.

Jevon Clark, a veterinarian at the clinic, said he was shocked when he first saw the cat, noting that her body temperature was so low it didn't even produce a reading on their thermometer. According to the vet, cats' temperatures are normally around 101F. Fluffy was "caked in ice", frozen, and unresponsive when she came into Clark's office.

Despite her harrowing encounter, clinic vets told KULR that by the evening, Fluffy was seemingly back to her normal self and now appears to be recovering. She has her "warm spots" that have helped her survive the Montana winters in the past.

Fluffy's owners plan to try to keep her inside for now.

The staff rushed into "thaw" mode, knowing their time was limited. China Corum, used heating pads and a heated cage to bring Fluffy's temperature up until she gained consciousness later in the afternoon.

Once Fluffy was snowflake free, she was transferred to the emergency room for a full exam. He suspects something traumatic happened that caused her to curl up outside instead of returning to her normal hiding spots.

Fluffy's story is a reminder that animals should not be subjected to extreme conditions; hot or cold. They don't "just survive through it" as many believe.

For example; here are the directions on how to make an outdoor feral cat shelter.

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