Password Checkup has been introduced by Google on Safer Internet Day

New Microsoft research says UK internet users are the safest but still face harassment and unwanted contact when online

New Microsoft research says UK internet users are the safest but still face harassment and unwanted contact when online

Google celebrated the Safer Internet Day on February 5, 2019 by gifting a new security tool which automatically warns Google Chrome users if it suspects a data breach.

Another 24% of South African internet users admit to having fallen victim to online scams in which they ended up making upfront payment for a product or service that did not exist.

Password Checkup is a new Chrome extension which detects if a username and password on a site you use has been compromised. If you don't change your passwords on a regular basis, it's possible that valid credentials are floating freely on the Internet, just waiting for a nefarious party to exploit. A new cross-account protection (CAP) protocol is created to send and receive security signals about user accounts.

But under the hood, the two services are very different.

In the rare case that an attacker is able to find a way into your Google Account, we've built useful tools to help you quickly get back to safety.

Now, Google is neither the first nor the only company to provide this option to its users. Watchtower by 1Password offers to do a similar task by comparing usernames and passwords with the database available with HaveIBeenPwned. In fact, it will only alert the user when they attempt to use a password through Chrome that is part of Google's enormous database of passwords known to have been hacked. In the same year, username and password of 100 million Quora users were stolen. Even if the user chooses a strong password, it's useless if it is used for all accounts.

There's also a new initiative called Cross Account Protection.

These types of attacks have been intensifying recently, with DailyMotion, Reddit, Basecamp, HSBC, Dunkin' Donuts, AdGuard, and others reporting similar incidents. By not using an online security auditing tool, users are exposed to a number of risks such as remaining logged in on old devices or not maintaining the correct account recovery details.

In times when data breaches and account hacking is on an indefinite rise, Google has come up with some welcome additions to its suite of security offerings for consumers.

The blinding technique used by Google to further secure account details is a method through which a service provider can perform a service for a client in an encrypted form without knowing either the original input or the actual output.

Once installed, Password Checkup appears in the browser bar.

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