Rich The Kid And Usher Robbed In Broad Daylight In Los Angeles

Rappers Usher and Rich the Kid assaulted at Los Angeles recording studio

Rich The Kid And Usher Robbed In Broad Daylight In Los Angeles

Police say at least one person - a bodyguard - was injured. He was outside the studio when it went down and multiple shots were fired.

According to law enforcement sources, Usher was in the studio at the time of the robbery, but not harmed.

Witnesses told TMZ that as many as 10 shots were fired outside the Westlake Recording Studio.

LAPD investigators are now on the hunt for the suspect or suspects, who reportedly fled the scene with a ton of cash and jewelry.

It remains unclear if anyone was hit when the suspect opened fire. They also believe that Rich was the target of the robbery, which happened shortly after he posted a photo on Instagram of him holding a stack of cash while standing in front of his Lamborghini.

Afterward, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies searched for suspects and collected evidence inside the building, and at nearby streets.

Up-and-coming star Rich the Kid was outside the studio when the drama took place.

When Rich the Kid put up a fight, three more men entered the home and began attacking the rapper as well. Other famous musicians such as Quincy Jones, Billy Idol, Missy Elliot, Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Marilyn Manson have also recorded music at the location.

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