Samsung patents S Pen featuring built-in camera with optical zoom

Image Source Samsung via USPTO

Image Source Samsung via USPTO

This camera which is going to be embedded into the styles could be operated by an external button while another button which is placed on the lower side of the Stylus will be allowing its users to zoom in and out. It appears that the feature could also be utilized to send images back to the phone (or tablet) if a camera is added to the stylus. Others have tested "periscope-like" lens arrangements to bypass body thickness impacts - most recently Oppo teased such a 10x optical zoom smartphone system.

As with all patents, there's no guarantee a camera-loaded S-Pen will ever become a reality.

Originally filed in 2017, the patent involves a stylus that is equipped with a camera system that also includes optical zoom capability. The South Korean giant reinvented the S Pen for the Galaxy Note 9, where it added Bluetooth functionality.

The patent, spotted by Patently Mobile (via Android Police), reveals an S-Pen with a camera in the top section.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android Pie update continues to make progress and it looks like it's still on track for a release in early 2019.

If the next-generation S Pen will indeed feature a camera that would prove to be more powerful than the usual smartphone sensor, the question remains whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would still feature a camera on the rear panel?

As per the patent, Samsung's advanced stylus will also include a battery and a prism in the optical path for conversion of signals. And if the camera is good enough, imagine how stable your videos could be when you're holding a pen that only weighs an ounce or two. The current S Pen is fitted with a clicker that lets you take snaps with the Note 9. This could be ideal when taking notes during a meeting or lecture, allowing users to snap a photo of a presentation slide via the S-Pen to convert it to text, much like Google Lens and Microsoft's Office Lens.

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