Singer Joy Villa dresses as Trump border wall at Grammys

Singer Joy Villa dresses as Trump's border wall on Grammys red carpet

Joy Villa dressed as a border wall at the Grammy Awards Sunday

The singer, who wore a "Choose Life" gown to last year's show, with a rainbow painting of a fetus on it, walked the red carpet Sunday in a "Build the Wall" dress.

Villa is no stranger to shocking the crowds at the Grammys.

However, she removed the outer layer and revealed a white dress with a brick wall motif painted on it and "Build the Wall" in red graffiti on the back.

Villa, 27, dressed up as President Trump's longed-for border wall complete with barbed wire and carrying a Make America Great Again handbag.

Villa told Fox News of her ensemble, "Well to no surprise, I'm still a Trump supporter and supporting the president and what he's doing". (70% of heroin from Mexico) More illegal women getting sexually assaulted (1 in 3)?

The glam-rock artist has always been an active supporter of President Trump and faced the backlash over it.

Singer Joy Villa attends the 59th GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on February 12, 2017, in Los Angeles, California.

After her red carpet appearance, Villa took to Twitter to defend her pro-Trump attire and the president. Our first amendment right is free speech, so we should all be able to weigh in and think about what the president does", she said, adding: "There's tons Trump supporters out there all of different colors. "I believe in building a wall to protect our southern border, not to keep people out but to protect citizens of our country". I listen to truth. 'I am totally for President Trump, and it's only been one year. "I want to "wow" people".

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