Stone opposes gag order in Mueller case, asks for new judge

Chip Somodevilla  Getty Images North America

Chip Somodevilla Getty Images North America

The Republican operative's lawyers were making a case for why Stone shouldn't be restricted by a gag order in the months leading his court trial, which will address special investigator Robert Mueller's charges that Stone lied to Congress and obstructed its Russian Federation investigation.

Stone's legal team, which includes Bruce Rogow, a noted First Amendment attorney who previously represented the rap group 2 Live Crew in an obscenity case, also urged Jackson not to curtail speech based on "conjecture or speculation" about its possible impact on jurors.

Sinclair Broadcast Group published a surveillance video Thursday of longtime Trump ally Roger Stone's arrest last month at his Florida home. He has made several talk show and media appearances attacking special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation since his indictment on charges of lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering.

He would still be able to opine on "foreign relations, immigration and Tom Brady", she said, for example, but shouldn't treat his in-court proceedings "like a book tour". "Moreover, continued extrajudicial statements by the defendant are likely to increase the level of pretrial publicity and create a substantial risk of tainting the jury pool". "On Instagram, Kim Kardashian has 126 million followers. Roger Stone's Instagram following amounts to 39 thousand subscribers".

More agents came via boat behind Stone's home.

In filing later Friday, prosecutors said they wouldn't oppose Jackson issuing a "narrowly-tailored" gag order that seeks to keep Stone from using media coverage to his advantage in the court case.

In a separate filing, Stone's defense also asked that the case be reassigned from Jackson, a 2011 appointee of President Barack Obama who is also overseeing the criminal case of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

"At first blush and without the benefit of discovery, there is nothing about these cases that suggests they are suitably related, other than they are both brought by the Office of Special Counsel", Stone's attorneys wrote in the filing.

Stone has repeatedly denied having any contact with Russian Federation or WikiLeaks. Stone's lawyers have alleged CNN, lurking in the shadows at the time of the raid, were tipped off beforehand and that at least one reporter allegedly had a draft copy of Stone's indictment before he appeared in court.

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