Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Europe facing delay

Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Europe facing delay

Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Europe facing delay

"They said, 'Your job is off the table now, we have to get these cars delivered".

In an effort to lower the price of the auto, Musk, who is also the founder of rocket company SpaceX, has slashed more than 3,000 jobs and ended a customer referral program. "6 Feb 2019" Musk did not elaborate on what was involved in the "unexpected challenges". As we reported earlier this week, the first massive shipment of Tesla Model 3 vehicles arrived at the Zeebrugge port in Belgium. Perhaps this time he will wait until the cars get to the Netherlands factory before he issues invitations to pick the cars up. The first deliveries began in July of 2017.

A Tesla Model S owner tweeted to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, asking when the Sentry mode would be out for the cars.

Tesla Gigafactory 3 is expected to ramp into full production by next year.

Tesla cars start at $35,000 for the Tesla Model 3, while the iconic Tesla Roadster was previously on sale for upwards of $200,000 - so it's understandable that Tesla customers want to make sure their purchases stay safe. The models are described, in French, here. No doubt the margin of returns on the cheaper models is lower than the more expensive model 3s and other models.

Tesla Model 3 test drives are also now available at select Tesla Stores in China since some Model 3 Performance vehicles reached the country's shores just recently.

The referral program, which ended at the beginning of February, gave new buyers six months of free vehicle charging and prizes for existing owners, such as launching personal photos into deep space and invites to Tesla events.

Last we heard, Musk said that the feature was coming soon, which in Tesla-speak doesn't really instill a lot of hope.

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