Toronto police identify balcony chair throwing woman

Woman throws chair off Toronto balcony, police investigating

Watch: Woman throws chair from condo balcony onto Gardiner Expressway

Toronto police are asking the public to help identify a woman who allegedly threw furniture from a balcony in the downtown core.

Hopkinson confirmed police have spoken with the woman or someone acting as her representative. The woman proceeds to chuck the chair off of the balcony toward the Gardiner Expressway below.

The video cuts out before the chair she's seen tossing lands on the highway, so it's not possible to determine if it hits a auto or causes an accident.

Hopkinson said he obtained a copy of the video on Sunday and police began to investigate on Monday.

A video posted on social media shows a blond woman throwing the chair over the balcony dozens of floors above Harbour and York Sts. on Saturday around 10 a.m.

Police also say in a news release that the suspect threw other items from the balcony that landed near the entrance to another condo building.

"Investigators have identified her and are giving her time to get a lawyer and turn herself in", Const. David Hopskinson said early Tuesday afternoon.

Police have said the woman is wanted for a mischief investigation, but Hopkinson declined to say which charges she could be facing.

Police have described the incident as "outrageous".

"People can stop calling now", Hopkinson said.

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