Verstappen insists high expectations of Honda are realistic

Verstappen, who shared the victories with Australian Daniel Ricciardo last season, has a new teammate for 2019 in Frenchman Pierre Gasly.

Red Bull unleashed a special-edition livery with the revamped paint job featuring substantially more red, but it is understood the former world champions will revert to their normal colours in time for the season-opening race in Melbourne on March 17.

Max Verstappen says Red Bull has high expectations of Honda this season but is realistic enough to know success will take time.

The team published images of the RB15 online with what it said was a temporary livery for filming before testing starts in Spain on Monday.

"We are expecting a lot from Honda and are positive, but it will not be flawless from race one". Honda supplied Red Bull junior team Toro Rosso past year, but in a Red Bull chassis it could have its first shot at a race victory since returning to F1 in 2015. "The first two or three weeks feel like they are good to have and then after a break you want to get going".

The auto was launched in a striking dark blue and red colour scheme which the team confirmed was just for the RB15's first shakedown at Silverstone on Wednesday. In 2019, with a Honda engine under the bonnet, people are expecting a big upgrade in performance, and more wins for Verstappen and the team.

"We are expecting a lot from Honda and are positive, but it will not be ideal from race one".

"Up until Australia you can't really set goals - it's a bit blind". Now we can go testing properly, we'll see what we can get out of that and we'll be able to understand the auto and the engine a bit better. "In Formula One, it is so related to the package so at this stage I am quite easy going".

Max Verstappen drove the RB15 around the circuit and although his team-mate Gasly was also at the track, he will have to wait until pre-season testing kicks off next week at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona to get his hands on the auto.

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