Apple expected to unveil streaming service this month

Everything we know about Apple’s unexpected March 25 event

Credit Anthony Boyd

Details about this anticipated 10.2-inch model are still absent, but speculation has it that Apple will use this model to replace its 9.7-inch iPad.

Apple's tagline was also used in 2006 to launch its Apple TV service and movies on iTunes.

Sources assured Reuters that Apple is set to launch a streaming television service that is expected to include TV service subscription.

Subscription models in tech-including at Apple, where iPhone sales are cooling while its Services division is thriving-have emerged as new revenue drivers. It also follows a New York Times report which claimed that Apple will release its string of TV titles in the spring of 2019.

Apple acquired the digital magazine app Texture previous year, which enables you to read a huge number of publications for a single monthly fee, a bit like a music streaming service.

Companies in Apple's supply chain are reportedly "gearing up for mass production" of new iPads and AirPods.

Apple aims to bring together its own shows into one central location with content from media companies, saving iPhone and other Apple device users from having to juggle multiple apps for those channels, sources earlier told Reuters.

"We will participate in the original content world", Cook said while discussing Apple's plans for video content including a partnership with Oprah Winfrey. Tim Cook's company is also expected to announce an Apple News subscription initiative created to appeal to those who are happy to bypass a pay-wall for their curated daily news fix. However, some Asian resources have revealed that Apple might release new hardware by the end of this month.

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