Biden nearly announces he's running for president in DE speech

Ahead in the polls Joe Biden is already a favoured candidate

Ahead in the polls Joe Biden is already a favoured candidate

Mr Biden accused the President of backing away from America's role as a leader on the world stage and abandoning its allies.

Biden, who remains the favorite among Democratic voters to square-off against President Donald Trump and is widely expected to enter the presidential race, nearly made those intentions public on Saturday in a speech to the Delaware Democratic Party, The Hill reports.

He then corrected himself, saying: "Anybody who would run".

A CNN presidential poll in Iowa revealed last week that Biden, with 27 per cent, was leading the pack of possible Democratic contenders, with Bernie Sanders securing 25 per cent of the votes and other candidates earning less than 10 per cent of support. "But as I also said to someone inside, it would be very hard not to select a woman with so many extraordinary women who are running right now".

"I know I get criticized". "We have an overwhelming need to restore the backbone of America".

The former vice president offered a few hints of what a 2020 campaign could focus on, telling the crowd it was "going to hear a lot" from him about a "new corporate ethic" focused on workers' prosperity, and attacking the health-care cuts in the Trump administration's proposed budget, released this past week.

But that didn't stop the friendly home-state crowd from reveling in the idea that will jump in. "I'm told I get criticized by the new left", Biden said told the audience at the First State Democratic Dinner.

Delaware Gov. John Carney said Biden "doesn't just look like he's back".

It may have been a slip of the tongue, but in recent days Biden has been stoking speculation that he is ready to take on Donald Trump, having sat out the 2016 campaign following his son's death.

"I am not up here to break any news tonight", Carney told the crowd.

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