Book reveals reported Tom Brady joke Donald Trump made to Robert Kraft

The US college bribery scandal has placed a new focus on how US President Donald Trump's son-in-law got into Harvard

SEAN GALLUMP GETTYThe US college bribery scandal has placed a new focus on how US President Donald Trump's son-in-law got into Harvard

Both Ivanka Trump and Kushner have gained influence since Kelly resigned as chief of staff last December, with Kushner even playing a key role in a legislative victory past year with the passage of a criminal justice reform bill he had championed, according to The Hill.

The book also said the President has wanted the couple to leave their posts at the White House and sought help to push them out from his former chief of staff John Kelly, whom he told, "Get rid of my kids; get them back to NY", according to the Times.

But ultimately he and Donald Trump turned on them, agreeing that they would find a way to force them to resign so the president could put them on a plane back to Manhattan.

The exchange is chronicled in a book about the rise to power at the White House of Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, which will hit bookstores next week, The New York Times reported.

Since Kelly resigned from his chief of staff position last December, both Ivanka and Jared have climbed the career ladder, gaining greater influence.

Yeah, they're hella dumb, but those who work in White Houses should not throw stones.

Ricardel later left the White House to "transition to a new role within the administration", according to the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Felicity Huffman is among 50 people charged in a scheme in which wealthy parents allegedly paid bribes to get their children into some of the most exclusive US colleges

Brady has known the current president since 2002 when judged one of Trump's beauty pageants, while Kraft's bond with Trump was strengthened when Trump reached out to him in 2011 following the death of the Patriots owner's wife, Myra.

Cohn went to Ivanka to complain, but according to Ward's book was dismayed with her response.

In a statement to The Times, a spokesman for Abbe Lowell, Kushner's attorney, flatly rejected the claims made in the book.

'It seems she has written a book of fiction rather than any serious attempt to get the facts.

"Every point that Ms. Ward mentioned in what she called her "fact checking" stage was entirely false", the spokesman Peter Mirijanian said. "Correcting everything wrong would take too long and be pointless".

Kelly is alleged to have told Trump at the time that it would be hard to give his children the sack, and later decided with him that they "would make life hard enough to force the pair to offer their resignations", The New York Times reported. "Because if [Kushner] has to leave, then [Ivanka] has to leave".

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